09/04/2018 10:33

Mending broken hearts

ICGEB Director-General Mauro Giacca receives ERC Advanced Grant for his research in cardiac regeneration to potentially lead to innovative treatments to induce heart regeneration

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03/04/2018 16:54

Microbes help make hydrocarbons

Updates from the Microbial Engineering Group at ICGEB New Delhi and their breakthrough in achieving the highest production levels of hydrocarbons to date

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03/04/2018 10:21

ICGEB in Almaty, Kazakstan this week, to attend COMSATS Coordinating Council

ICGEB and COMSATS are working to boost collaboration under an MoU first signed in 2009. This week Dr. Maria Luisa Fichera, ICGEB Chief, Legal and Administration, is in Almaty to further parntering, programmes and membership initiatives.

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06/03/2018 15:26

ICGEB Delegation visits site of proposed Regional Research Centre in China

In Taizhou and Shanghai this week, Mauro Giacca, ICGEB Director-General meets with Chinese officials to negotiate the creation of an ICGEB RRC at China Medical City

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