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last modified: 1 April 2008

Papers on P450

Posting this information here, the author does not intend to convince anybody that his papers somehow changed the (P450) world or at least influenced the P450 community. This is a translation of a paper written originally in Russian and published the same year in Molekuliarnaya Biologiya: Now it looks a bit naive... but this was a first work where a model for P450s containing single transmembrane helix has been proposed. In addition, the Rossmann domain was predicted in microsomal P450s close to the N-terminal anchor.

This minireview contains some original speculations, at least one of which has been proven to be completely wrong :)

I will be really surprised if somebody will ever use this latter classification!

The review deals with most of the stuff collected here. Alas, it is not error-free. I'm posting here the corrected version in postscript format.

Couple of papers describing our P450 server:

And finally...

Other papers

In this work, the influence of phospholipid microenvironment on rat microsomal EH catalytic activity has been studied. Activation thermodynamic parameters of phenanthrene 9,10-oxide hydration and those of thermal denaturation of soluble enzyme and enzyme incorporated into phospholipid bilayer were determined. It was shown that enzyme activity is controlled by phase state of lipid bilayer. The CD spectroscopy was employed to estimate the gross secondary structure content.

A short trip in the world of restriction-modification systems:

My small contribution to SBASE...

...and PRINTS:

These latest papers describe what I was doing until April 1999:

The first review on "BIM and BOM" bioinformatics: