Microscopy 2016

Visa Information


Reserved for selected participants who have been formally notified by the Organising Secretariat.


International attendees should check whether they need a visa to travel to Italy. You can check this on the Italian foreign Ministry website at http://www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp or by contacting your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate.

If you do need a visa we strongly suggest that you apply as early as possible to your nearest Italian consulate, as it may take 4-6 weeks for a visa to be issued.

Easy steps to follow when applying for your visa

1. Confirm whether you need a Visa for travel to Italy

2. Contact your nearest Italian Consulate to obtain all the relevant application forms and information.

3. The Receipt of Registration/Letter of Acceptance for the Meeting from ICGEB is the official document certifying the purpose and period of your travel to Italy.

4. Have all your documentation ready when you make your application (i.e. valid passport, completed application forms from the Embassy or Consulate, Letter of Acceptance, plus documents detailing your employment status, reasons for travel and proof of payment of the Visa fee). Individual embassies or Consulates may also have additional requirements.

5. If necessary, ICGEB can supply a letter of assistance to support your visa application. To obtain this you must send to ICGEB:

  • a photocopy of your passport showing full details of nationality, place and date of birth, passport number, date of issue and date of expiry
  • the visa form you can download here below, duly completed




Please note that ICGEB can do this only once per applicant, so ensure that all data, such as passport number or spelling of names are strictly accurate.

6. Issue of visas is solely under the jurisdiction of the Embassy or Consulate concerned, we regret that ICGEB has no influence over the issue of a visa and may not contact any Embassy or Consulate directly other than supplying the letter of assistance mentioned in section 5.