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Uruguay Course Flow Cytometry 2014


Theoretical and Practical Course “Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting in Biotechnology and Biomedicine Research”

17-28 March 2014 Montevideo, Uruguay 

Organiser: Mariela Bollati-Fogolín (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay)
Co-organisers: Lothar Gröbe (Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig, Germany)
Jean-Michel Garcia (Institut Pasteur Korea)
Requests for information and applications directly to:
Mariela Bollati-Fogolín 
Institut Pasteur de Montevideo 
Mataojo 2020 
11400 Montevideo 
Telephone: +598-25220910
Fax: +598-25224185 

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The course aims at building regional capacity in flow cytometry, from the experimental designs to data acquisition and analysis. An intensive, hands-on training programme covering the various application of this technique will include lectures, tutorials and laboratory session. Participants will receive extensive lecture notes and laboratory handout material and protocols. 


  • To introduce young scientists on flow cytometry and cell sorting techniques by combining practical work with tutorial-style classroom sessions and top-quality lectures.
  • To train the students in sample preparation, instrument features/operation, and data collection.
  • To provide knowledge on strategies for exploiting data analysis with the different available software.
  • To bring together renowned lecturers and young researchers to discuss routine problems and the generation of innovative solutions in this technological area.

Invited speakers will include:

Cecilia Alonso - CURE, Rocha, Uruguay
Nicole Borth - BOKU, Wien, Austria
Marcelo Comini - IPMon, Montevideo, Uruguay
Andrew Filby - London Research Institute, Cancer Research, London, UK
Gustavo Folle - IIBCE, Montevideo, Uruguay
María Inés Goldaracena - BD Biosciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Daniel Scott Algara - Institut Pasteur Paris, France

Preliminary Programme

1st module - theoretical lectures (from basic flow cytometry to advance applications)
2nd module - data analysis using different software (tutorial-style classroom, computer-based exercises, on a basis of one computer per student)
3rd module - practical activities on the flow cytometers.


The course is directed to Master or PhD students who have a Bachelor degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and related areas.

Applicants must have a basic knowledge of the course topics and be directly involved in flow cytometry.

An Application Form, together with a short CV and a letter from the respective laboratory Head, must be sent to

Maximum of 20 students will be accepted

There is no registration fee

Visit the course Website at



Deadline for applications: 8 December 2013.



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