Trieste DNATV Meeting 2015

The Arturo Falaschi Conference Series 2015
"ICGEB DNA Tumour Virus Meeting"

21 - 26 July 2015 Trieste, Italy 

Organiser: Lawrence Banks (ICGEB Trieste, Italy)

Requests for information directly to:
ICGEB Conferences Unit
Padriciano 99 - 34149 Trieste
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Deadline for applications by ICGEB Member States nationals: 12 March 2015
Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 16 April

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The DNATV Meeting has been held annually since 1969, originally rotating between Cold Spring Harbor and Cambridge UK, and more recently, between Madison, San Diego, Oxford and Trieste. It attracts close to 300 scientists from around the world, and is a forum for discussing the latest developments in the molecular biology of DNA tumour viruses (SV40, polyoma, Adenovirus and HPV).

The meeting has an amazing pedigree in being the forum in which many of the fundamental aspects of cell biology, that we now take for granted, were first described. This includes the very earliest developments in DNA sequencing, discovery of oncogenes and oncogene cooperation, identification of tumour suppressors including p53 and pRb, identification of regulators of apoptosis, such as Bak and Bax, the earliest descriptions of signal transduction pathways, RNA splicing and polyadenylation, transcriptional enhancers and promoter regulation and identification of factors regulating DNA replication. All of which have contributed hugely to our understanding of basic cell regulatory processes, particularly with respect to the steps which go wrong during the development of cancer.

At the latest Trieste edition back in 2011 participants from over 50 different nationalities from over 30 different countries attended the meeting, and the programme included close to 120 talks and 100 poster presentations on ground breaking discoveries relating to the characterisation of new human tumour virsuses, the developments of novel therapeutic approaches for combatting viral induced malignancies, and cutting edge developments in our understanding of the mechanisms by which these viruses perturb the infected cell and bring about malignancy.


The ICGEB DNA Tumour Virus Meeting 2015 will be the second of a series of events organised and dedicated to the memory of Arturo Falaschi, mind and driving force in the founding and development of the ICGEB



Deadline for applications by ICGEB Member States nationals: 12 March 2015
Deadline for registrations and abstract submission: 16 April 2015





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