Plant Microbiome 2018



Monday to Thursday: theoretical sessions in the mornings and practical sessions in the afternoons

Friday morning: discussion and conclusions


Lecture topics:                      

Functions of the plant microbiota
Plant-microbes-environment interactions
Translational aspects of microbiome studies
Computational methods for microbiome studies
Industrial perspectives of plant microbiomes

Practical sessions:                  

Scope and outline of microbiome experiments
Microbiome related techniques (bacterial16S taxonomic profiling)

Invited Speakers include:

Samiran Banerjee, Agroscope, Zurich, Switzerland
Gabriele Berg, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Pier Attilio Bianco, University of Milan, Italy
Davide Bulgarelli, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
Asaf Levy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Danilo Licastro, CBM, Trieste, Italy
Tim Mauchline, Department of AgroEcology, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK
Alessio Mengoni, University of Florence, Italy
Birgit Mitter, Austrian Institute of Technology - AIT, Vienna, Austria
Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Medizinische Universität Graz, Austria
Ilaria Pertot, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Trento, Italy
Jos Raaijmakers, The Netherlands Institute of Ecology - NIOO, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Manish Raizada, University of Guelph, Canada
Michele Sellitto, MS Biotech Spa, Campobasso, Italy
Jaco Vangronsveld, University of Hasselt, Belgium
Sundaresan Venkatesan, University of California, USA


Tentative Programme


Planned Lectures

Monday, 26th November
  Toward an integrated and predictive view of symbiotic nitrogen
Mengoni A.
  Harnessing key microbial players for sustainable agroecosystems Samiran B.
Tuesday, 27th November
  Defining the host genetic control of the rhizosphere bacterial
Bulgarelli D.
  Metagenomics of the endosphere microbiome Raaijmakers J.M.
Wednesday, 28th November
  Mobile Endophytic Microbes in a World of Immobile Plant
Raizada M.N.
  The ‘ins and outs’ of the plant root microbiome Mauchline T.
Thursday, 29th November
  The networking of plant microbiomes for health across generations and beyond Berg G.
  Plant-associated bacteria: An important key to a successful application
of phytoremediation
Vangronsveld J.
Friday, 30th November
  To be defined Moissl Eichiner C.
  Crop protection from “plant derived” tools: utopia and reality Bianco P.A.


Dates and lecture's titles to be defined:

  • Levy A.
    To be defined
  • Licastro D.
    To be defined
  • Sellitto M.
    To be defined
  • Venkatesan S.
    To be defined




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