ICGEB Trieste welcomes its PhD Students recruited under the 2015 call for applications

The PhD Introductory Course takes place in Trieste this week. ICGEB welcomes its new alumni from across Italy, Nepal, Peru and Serbia.

Om Basukala from Nepal, also recipient of a travel grant from AuthorAID, joins the Tumour Virology lab.

From Italy, Luca Camparini joins the Molecular Cardiology Group, Ambra Cappelletto joins Cardiovascular Biology, Sara Cappelli heads to the Molecular Pathology lab and Alessia De Caneva joins the Mouse Molecular Genetics Group.

Nikola Holodkov from Serbia joins the Neurobiology lab; Elisabetta Mauro from Italy goes to Cellular Immunology and Susan Grace Mosquito Guillen from Peru joins the Bacteriology Group.

Guido Papa (Molecular Immunology) and Edoardo Schneider (Molecular Medicine), both from Italy, also join the ranks of the ICGEB Alumni, as does Sanja Škaro from Serbia, who will be joining the Biotechnology Development group.

The ICGEB PhD Introductory course takes place each year and provides a common cultural platform across the disciplines studied at the ICGEB. Students will have opportunities to meet again and exchange research findings at the annual ICGEB Symposiums, at Journal Clubs and at selected Meetings and Courses.


For more information, contact alumniicgeb.org

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