ICGEB and Open University UK - collaborating since 1999

ICGEB enjoys a strong, collaborative relationship with the Open University UK, which has been awarding degrees in the context of its PhD Course for almost twenty years.

On 13 June 2017, Claire Turner and Kathryn Mitchell, Affiliated Research Centre ARC Programme management and administration, Open University UK, met with Mauro Giacca, Director-General, Lawrence Banks, ARC Research Degree Co-ordinator and Tumour Virology Group Leader, Oscar Burrone, PhD Co-ordinator and Molecular Immunology Group Leader and Maria Luisa Fichera, Chief, Legal & Administration in the context of a Review visit.

The OU representatives toured the Trieste site facilities, met with administrative staff, the 19 students currently enrolled in the programme and with the student supervisors, to assess the quality of the affiliation partnership.

Current ICGEB PhD students hail from more than 20 nations. A total number of 367 PhDs have been awarded across the three ICGEB Components in Trieste, New Delhi and Cape Town.

In 2016, 150 PhD students were on board (36 in Trieste, 100 in New Delhi and 13 in Cape Town) and the total number of papers published by PhD students was over 680.

ICGEB strives to maintain a dynamic, competitive research environment, providing access to state-of-the-art facilities, participation in Meetings, Seminars and Journal Clubs.


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Open University UK and ICGEB Managers and Admin during the 2017 review visit in Trieste


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