Recent PhD Graduates at ICGEB Trieste

The most recent ICGEB PhD Alumni at ICGEB Trieste include students from Brazil, India, Italy, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Morocco and Turkey.

ICGEB actively encourages the Alumni student body and is making concerted efforts to stay in touch with our Alumni the world over.

Congratulations, on this occasion, to:

Daniel PASSOS DA SILVA (Brazil), Hitendra K. PATEL (India) and Bruna GONÇALVES COUTINHO (Brazil), ICGEB Bacteriology Lab.

From the Biotechnology Development group: Najete SAFINI (Morocco)

From the Human Molecular Genetics group: Andrea DAL MAS (Italy)

From the Molecular Medicine group: Giulia FELICIAN (Italy), Bruna MARINI (Italy), Rudy IPPODRINO (Italy) and Luca PUZZI (Italy)

From the Molecular Virology group: Recep Emrah CEVIK (Turkey)

From the Neurobiology group: Giulia ROMANO (Italy)

From the Protein Networks group: Giulia DE SABBATA (Italy)

From the Protein Structure & Bioinformatics group: Sanjarbek HUDAIBERDIEV (Kyrgyzstan) and Sonal KUMARI (India)

From the RNA Biology group: Maureen Veronica AKINYI (Kenya)

From the Tumour Virology group: Siaw Shi BOON (Malaysia)

From the Yeast Molecular Genetics group: Burcin ALTUN (Turkey)



For further information, contact:
Barbara Argenti, Senior Programme Assistant

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