Italy funds rice microbiome and plant health projects

Rice Microbiome and Plant Health

Project funded by the MAE Italy (MAE/17/005)

"Just as in humans, plants have recently been recognized as meta-organisms possessing a distinct microbiome, which has a close relationship with their associated microorganisms." So begins Vittorio Venturi, Group Leader, Bacteriology, ICGEB Trieste, in discussing the progress of the Group's bilateral project Italy-Vietnam funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The microbial community that lives in association with the plant is called the plant microbiome and is considered a second plant genome. It plays a crucial role in plant health, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. Plant microbiomes can be a significant ally for the plant in controlling colonization/infection by plant pathogens."

"In our Italy-Vietnam bilateral project, we study the role of the plant microbiome in two bacterial rice diseases, both in aggravating and in controlling the disease."

The Bacteriology lab at ICGEB Trieste has partnered with the  Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU)Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology and the project, which focuses on the role of microbiome in rice plant health, is currently in its second year. Both laboratories involved have exchanged visits, and are now working on comparing the first set of rice microbiome results.


tl_files/News 2018/VV/VV2.jpg

Team members working on the bilateral Italy-Vietnam project in the Bacteriology lab, ICGEB Trieste. L-R: Iris Bertani, Cristina Bez, Minh Nguyen, Vittorio Venturi, and Dinh Thun Hang, Hanoi Vietnam.

tl_files/News 2018/VV/riceplants.jpg

Rice plants originating from rice fields (SA.PI.SE) in Vercelli, Italy, were sampled during the second year of the Italy-Vietnam bilateral project

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The Bacteriology Group working on 180 rice samples

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