ICGEB Board of Governors: when the world comes to Trieste

On 16-17 May 2017, the 23rd session of the ICGEB Board of Governors took place in Trieste, Italy.

For two days the ICGEB Board of Governors that sustains the activities of the Centre, coordinated by the Director-General of the ICGEB, Prof. Mauro Giacca, met in Trieste. This year, the meeting was attended by over 90 participants representing more than 40 Member States of the ICGEB*, together with representatives from the European Commission, other Multilateral Organisations including COMSATS, FAO, TWAS, UNIDO, WHO, and pharmaceutical companies from Argentina and Bangladesh.

Highlights from the Board included analysis of the possibilities for pharmaceutical applications ensuing from the international research activities undertaken by the ICGEB, with a Mini-symposium on the topic being held on 17 May, with speakers from UNIDO and WHO, coordinated by Dr. Marco Baralle of the Biotechnology Development Group in Trieste.

The Government of Italy was represented by Couns. Enrico Padula, of the General Directorate for the Promotion of the "Country System", Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, championing scientific diplomacy. Delegations present were from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and the Caribbean and South America.

Widely acclaimed, the newly launched programme for the creation of Regional Research Centres of the ICGEB across geographical regions, included, in particular, presentations by delegates from the Governments of Brazil, Panama, China and Libya.

Prof. Roger Beachy, USA, current Chair of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers, reported on the excellent findings of the Council from its meeting at ICGEB Cape Town last month: in particular, important results with potential for the screening of new biological pharmaceuticals for cardiac disorders, for the development of a vaccine against Dengue and for the identification of bacteria causing diseases in plants.

ICGEB has signed over 70 international biotechnology agreements for Technology Transfer and budding collaborations with UNIDO and WHO would enable expansion of these activities in Africa, Eastern Europe and in Italy, with positive ramifications on eventually containing the current costs to the public health system for biological pharmaceutical products.

The Board of Governors, the Governing body of the Organisation, determines the general policies and principles governing the activities of the Centre, admits new Members, approves the work programme and budget, considers the recommendations of the Council of Scientific Advisers, and adopts and decides on the financial regulations of the Centre.

Prof. Hamdy Abdel Aziz Moursy steps down as President of the Board after seventeen consecutive years of service to the ICGEB in this important role and Mr. Victor Smirnov, Governor from Russia, is welcomed as the incoming President. Prof. Lucy Ogbadu, Governor from Nigeria, associated with the ICGEB since 2005, is elected Vice-President of the Board.

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