ICGEB-China International Fellowship Programme sealed

The Framework Agreement between the Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (DIC-MOST), a Chinese government department located in Beijing, China dedicated to the implementation of bi- and multi-lateral science and technology cooperation and exchange, and the ICGEB has been signed.

The MOU launches an International Fellowship Programme funded by the Chinese Government for ICGEB Member State scientists from Asia and Africa to join high-level research labs in China.

This Agreement constitutes Phase I of the broader "In-China" project between DIC-MOST and the ICGEB, which sees the activities and expertise of the organisation being put into practice on, and funded by, the territory. China has been a full Member State of the ICGEB since 1992.

The Agreement, signed by the Deputy Director General Chen Linhao, DIC-MOST, and Prof. Mauro Giacca, Director-General ICGEB, during the Interntional Expo held in Taizhou, China last week, will offer scientists and researchers from developing and emerging economies the opportunity to access major research institutions and facilities in China, enhancing their capabilities and actively contributing to the internationalisation of research performed.

The International Fellowship Programme, IFP (scheduled for three years) is expected to fund approximately 10 scientists, short-term or visiting scholars, for a period of 6-12 months, per year in as many universities and research centres in China, that constitute "Partnering Institutes".

The selection procedure of candidates will be in line with ICGEB practice, constituting an ICGEB selection committee with expertise in diverse areas of molecular genetics and biotechnology.

This pilot programme represents a great step forward in international collaboration and the increasingly broader impact of the ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Fellowship Programme, which has been running in ICGEB Host Countries (Italy, India and South Africa) since 1989, with almost 1000 awards at the PhD and Postdoctoral level having been granted to young scientists from over 65 countries.

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22 September 2017
Taizhou News: Mauro Giacca in Taizhou, P.R. China
jstv.com: Mauro Giacca at CMC for Expo

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