ICGEB at the United Nations for Sustainable Development Goals

Suresh Nair, Group Leader, Plant Insect Interaction, ICGEB New Delhi participated in the panel at the STI Forum for sustainable terrestrial ecosystems (SDG 15) held at the United Nations in New York on 5-6 June 2018.

The multi-stakholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovations for the Sustainable Development Goals takes place annually and is convened by the President of ECOSOC, supported by the 10-Member Advisory Group and the UN Inter-Agency Task Team on STI for the SDGs

Representing ICGEB's direct participation in the Forum at the UN for the first time, Dr. Suresh Nair introduced the work the ICGEB is undertaking in the field of SDG 15, and provided a broad picture of the 46 research programmes of the organisation, with over 60 Member States that address numerous SDGs. 

Marianna Maculan, Chief, External Relations, also attended the Forum.

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