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Ask Barbara Argenti, Head of the ICGEB Fellowships and CRP Grants Office how many PhD students and postdocs, from just how many nations, have passed through our laboratories in Trieste, Delhi and Cape Town over the last 30 years and the mind boggles.

In 2016 alone, 150 PhD students were on board and scientific papers published by PhD students numbered over 680. Over the years efforts have been made to present the breadth and diversity of the ICGEB Alumni body; success stories, awards, careers across academia and related industries; those who have returned to their home countries, those who are yet to return. 

We hope to steadily build the Alumni Group through ongoing initatives; on our social networks, at meetings, on campaigns, however, we owe any success in this to the extraordinary individuals who have embraced the ICGEB student experience and who have bonded over years, across countries and languages and through science to continue the mission and vision of the organisation.

Welcome to our new PhD students: 

Arushi VATS from India, Cristina BEZ, Francesca PARON, Francesca SIMONCELLO, Giulio CIUCCI and Stefano DONEGA from Italy, Monsurat Titi GBADAMOSI from Nigeria and Ursa SUSNJAR from Slovenia, who join more than 30 students enrolled in the current PhD programme in Trieste, representing 11 nationalities.


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