Dinakar Salunke, appointed Director at ICGEB New Delhi

Dr. Salunke officially commenced his mandate as Director of ICGEB New Delhi, following a ceremony held at the ICGEB Campus today

At ICGEB New Delhi today, 3 November 2015, the ICGEB Director-General, Prof. Mauro Giacca, announced the appointment of Dr. Dinakar M. Salunke as Director of the ICGEB, New Delhi, India.

Prior to joining ICGEB, Dr. Salunke was the Executive Director at the Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), India. He obtained his PhD from the India Institute of Science, Bangalore, went on to join the National Institute of Immunology (NII) in 1988 and later played an important role in building the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, THSTI, and the Regional Centre for Biotechnology, RCB. He is recipient of numerous science awards and honours.

Prof. Giacca, speaking in the presence of Mr. VijayRaghavan, Secretary of the Department of Biotechnology, DBT, Ministry of Science, India, reiterated and applauded the renewed commitment from the Government of India towards the ICGEB, whose mission, unlike that of other scientific institutes, promotes not only excellence in science but collaboration and participation by scientists from all over the world.

Dr. Salunke addressed the staff, students and guests at the ICGEB and expressed great pleasure at joining the institute, which is an established big name in international science, and that, he believes, will become even greater with collective contributions from all.

Mr. VijayRaghavan, DBT Secretary, spoke of the challenges that lie ahead and of the confidence that DBT has in the Component, under Dr. Salunke's Directorship. He also emphasized the importance of international research institutes such as ICGEB. He expressed optimism that financial assistance to the Centre will increase by the next financial year and further  commended, and expressed his confidence, in the leadership of Prof. Giacca in assuring the future growth of ICGEB.

Prof. Giacca also took this occasion to officially thank Prof. Sudhir Sopory who steps down as Interim Director after a period of 18 months.


L-R: Dr. Dinakar M. Salunke, Director, ICGEB New Delhi; PIs at ICGEB New Delhi with Prof. Mauro Giacca, Director-General, ICGEB; Prof. Sudhir Sopory with Prof. Mauro Giacca

Audio file of the speeches from the Ceremony

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