27/07/2014 17:01

ICGEB Highlighted in India Budget

Biotech and ICGEB New Delhi are championed in the Science and Technology sector of the Indian Budget for 2014-2015

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21/07/2014 16:15

Three out of three ICGEB projects (and three of a total 40 in Italy) have received funding from Telethon

Winners of the Telethon Funding 2014 for research into rare genetic disorders include Group Leaders F. Pagani, F. Benvenuti and E. Buratti, all of ICGEB Trieste

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02/06/2014 09:27

ICGEB Now on Youtube

Expanding its Social Media platform ICGEB is now uploading its movies of broad public interest on Youtube and Google+

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21/05/2014 14:57

New PhD Course in Molecular Biology launched in FVG Region

An agreement has been signed between the ICGEB, SISSA, the University of Trieste and the University of Udine for a highly innovative, Joint PhD Programme in Molecular Biology: JuMBO

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