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Andres Muro

Mouse Molecular Genetics

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Andrés Fernando Muro

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Padriciano 99
34149 Trieste, Italy

Office tel: +39-040-3757369
Lab tel: +39-040-3757312
Office fax: +39-040-226555


School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, PhD in Biology, 1992
School of Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, MSc in Molecular Biology, 1988

Career History

Since 2005, Group Leader of the Mouse Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the International Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Trieste, Italy.
1995-2004, Staff Scientist, Molecular Pathology Laboratory, ICGEB, Trieste, Italy.
1992-1994, Postdoc, Molecular Pathology Laboratory, ICGEB, Trieste, Italy.
1991, Visiting scientist, Molecular Pathology Laboratory, ICGEB, Trieste, Italy.
1988-1992, Graduate Student Fellowship, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) at the Instituto de Ingenieria Genetica y Biologia Molecular (INGEBI-CONICET), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1987-1988, Pre-doctoral student at Laboratorio de Biologia Molecular, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Scientific Activity

Dr. Muro's main focus of research is the understanding of gene function and their relation to diseases using mouse models. The Group is studying the mechanisms of disease and possible therapies of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and the Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I. The Group has recently developed a mouse model of the disease in which they are studying the mechanisms associated to bilirubin induced brain damage, the most sensitive cell types affected by bilirubin and possible therapeutic approaches, ranging from gene therapy to gene editing and different pharmacological therapies.
Another line of research explores the molecular mechanisms that regulate tissue specific polyadenylation of genes, the protein factors involved and possible connections to human diseases.

Selected publications

Malara, A., Gruppi, C., Celesti, G., Romano, B., Laghi, L., De Marco, L., Muro, A.F., Balduini, A. 2016. Alternative splicing of Extra Domain A (EIIIA) of fibronectin is dispensable for hematopoietic homeostasis. Stem Cells In Press.

Ronzitti, G., Bortolussi, G., van Dijk, R., Collaud, F., Charles, S., Leborgne, C., Vidal, P., Martin, S., Gjata, B., Sola, M.S., van Wittenberghe, L., Vignaud, A., Veron, P., Bosma, P.J., Muro, A.F., Mingozzi, F. 2016. A translationally optimized AAV-UGT1A1 vector drives safe and long-lasting correction of Crigler-Najjar syndrome. Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development 3:16049. PubMed link

Vodret, S., Bortolussi, G., Schreuder, A.B., Jasprova, J., Vitek, L., Verkade, H.J., Muro, AF. 2015. Albumin administration prevents neurological damage and death in a mouse model of severe neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Sci Rep 5:16203. PubMed link

Bortolussi G, Zentillin L, Vanikova J, Bockor L, Bellarosa C, Mancarella A, Vianello E, Tiribelli C, Giacca M, Vitek L, Muro AF. 2014. Life-long correction of hyperbilirubinemia with a neonatal liver-specific AAV-mediated gene transfer in a lethal mouse model of Crigler-Najjar Syndrome. Hum Gene Ther 25:844-855. PubMed link

Bortolussi, G., Baj, G., Vodret, S., Viviani, G., Bittolo, T., Muro, AF. 2014. Age-dependent pattern of cerebellar susceptibility to bilirubin neurotoxicity in vivo in mice. Dis Model Mech 7:1057-1068. Pub Med link

Porro, F., Bockor, L., De Caneva, A., Bortolussi, G., Muro, A.F. 2014. Generation of Ugt1-deficient murine liver cell lines using TALEN technology. PLoS One 9:e104816.

Bortolussi G, Zentilin L, Baj G, Giraudi P, Bellarosa C, Giacca M, Tiribelli C, Muro AF. 2012. Rescue of bilirubin-induced neonatal lethality in a mouse model of Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I by AAV9-mediated gene transfer. FASEB J 26:1052-1063. Pub Med link

Bortolussi, G., Zentilin, L., Vanikova, J., Bockor, L., Bellarosa, C., Mancarella, A., Vianello, E.., Tiribelli, C., Giacca, M., Vitek, ., Muro, AF. 2014. Life-long correction of hyperbilirubinemia with a neonatal liver-specific AAV-mediated gene transfer in a lethal mouse model of Crigler Najjar Syndrome. Hum Gene Ther. Pub Med link

Costessi, L., Porro, F., Iaconcig, A., Nedeljkovic, M., Muro, AF. 2013. Characterization of the distal polyadenylation site of the ss-adducin (Add2) pre-mRNA. PLoS One 8:e58879. PubMed link

Danussi, C., Del Bel Belluz, L., Pivetta, E., Modica, TM., Muro, A., Wassermann, B., Doliana, R., Sabatelli, P., Colombatti, A., Spessotto, P. 2013. EMILIN1/alpha9beta1 integrin interaction is crucial in lymphatic valve formation and maintenance. Mol Cell Biol 33:4381-4394.

Hirshoren, N., Kohan, M., Assayag, M., Neuman, T., Vernea, F., Muro, A., Eliashar, R., Berkman, N. 2013. Extra domain-A fibronectin is necessary for the development of nasal remodeling in chronic allergen-induced rhinitis. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 110:322-327. PubMed link

Losino, N., Waisman, A., Solari, C., Luzzani, C., Espinosa, DF., Sassone, A., Muro, AF., Miriuka, S,, Sevlever, G., Baranao, L., Guberman, A. 2013. EDA-containing fibronectin increases proliferation of embryonic stem cells. PLoS One 8:e80681.

Nedeljkovic, M., Costessi, L., Iaconcig, A., Porro, F., Muro, AF. 2013. Long-distance regulation of Add2 pre-mRNA3'end processing. RNA Biol 10:516-527. PubMed link

Bortolussi, G., Zentilin, L., Baj, G., Giraudi, P., Bellarosa, C., Giacca, M., Tiribelli, C., Muro, AF. 2012. Rescue of bilirubin-induced neonatal lethality in a mouse model of Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I by AAV9-mediated gene transfer. FASEB J 26:1052-1063. PubMed link

Booth, AJ., Wood, SC., Cornett, AM., Dreffs, AA., Lu, G., Muro, AF., White, ES., Bishop, DK. 2012. Recipient-derived EDA fibronectin promotes cardiac allograft fibrosis. J Pathol 226:609-618.

Curlin. M,, Kapuralin, K., Muro, AF., Baralle, FE., Chowdhury, K., Gajovic, S. 2012. Stam2 expression pattern during embryo development. Gene Expr Patterns 12:68-76

Morgan, M., Iaconcig, A., Muro, AF. 2012. Identification of 3[prime] gene ends using transcriptional and genomic conservation across vertebrates. BMC Genomics 13:708

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Morgan, M., Iaconcig, A., Muro, A.F. 2010. CPEB2, CPEB3 and CPEB4 are coordinately regulated by miRNAs recognizing conserved binding sites in paralog positions of their 3'-UTRs. Nucleic Acids Res. PubMed link

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White, E.S., Sagana, R.L., Booth, A.J., Yan, M., Cornett, A.M., Bloomheart, C.A., Tsui, J.L., Wilke, C.A., Moore, B.B., Ritzenthaler, J.D., Roman, J., Muro, A.F. 2010. Control of fibroblast fibronectin expression and alternative splicing via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway. Exp Cell Res 316, 2644-2653 PubMed link

Bazigou, E., Xie, S., Chen, C., Weston, A., Miura, N., Sorokin, L., Adams, R., Muro, A.F., Sheppard, D., Makinen, T. 2009. Integrin-alpha9 is required for fibronectin matrix assembly during lymphatic valve morphogenesis. Dev Cell 17, 175-186 PubMed link

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Babaev, V.R., Porro, F., Linton, M.F., Fazio, S., Baralle, F.E., Muro, A.F. 2008. Absence of regulated splicing of fibronectin EDA exon reduces atherosclerosis in mice. Atherosclerosis 197, 534-540 PubMed link

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