Research Groups

Cytokines and Disease

Research Interests and Description
Group Leader : Frank Brombacher

Group Members

Reto Guler, Research Scientist
Frank Kirstein, Research Scientist
Tiroyaone Brombacher, Postdoc
Suraj Prakash Parihar, Postdoc
Justin Nono, Postdoc
Paulin Essone, Postdoc
Ousman Tamgue, Postdoc
Berenice Salazar, Postdoc
Mumin Otzurk, PhD Student
Melissa Govender, PhD Student
Lerato Hlaka, PhD Student
Nada Abdelaziz, PhD Student
Lorna Gcanga, PhD Student
Julius Chia, PhD Student
Jermaine Khumalo, PhD Student
Prishanta Pillay, MSc Student
Thabo Mpotje, MSc Student
Fadwah Booley, Research Technician
Lizette Fick, Research Technician
Wendy Green, Research Technician
Munadia Ansarie, Research Technician
Georg Jacobs, Lab. Assistant


ICGEB Cape Town

Wernher and Beit Building (South)
UCT Campus
Anzio Road
Observatory 7925
Cape Town
Tel: +27-21-4066335
Fax: +27-21-4066060




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